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01Enterprise.mpg pix/3dani50412.3M1998-08-11generic (ALN) USS Enterprise fly by Planet.... - (readme)
2ufos7l.lha pix/3dani48132.6M1998-12-30generic Iff-Animation of two UFOs - (readme)
3000man_ham8.lha pix/3dani4601506K1996-05-01generic Imagine trace anim HAM 320x256x8x79 - (readme)
3dSpideR.lhaShortVersio...pix/3dani46092.7M1998-02-02generic DaRKSuN Impressive Spider Anim - (readme)
9erPool.lha pix/3dani45541.2M1999-11-14generic Animation (FLC) of a Poolshot by MadMan - (readme)
Abadidon.lha pix/3dani45422.4M1998-04-14generic A strange artefact.(Imagine + Ppaint/256) - (readme)
Aces_0.lha pix/3dani4545119K1996-05-01generic 3D plane anim HAM 352x290x6x78 - (readme)
Aces_1.lha pix/3dani4578409K1996-05-01generic 3D plane anim HAM 352x290x6x125 - (readme)
AkindOfMagic.lha pix/3dani45564.6M1998-03-08generic LW anim named 'A Kind Of Magic', HAM8 (CHUCKY) - (readme)
ALEM_0001.lha pix/3dani4517994K2000-01-18generic ALEM's Rendered Animation (Cinema4D) - (readme)
Amiga-va.lha pix/3dani4490132K1998-01-23generic Animation twirling Amiga logo. - (readme)
AMIGAzette_Ani.lha pix/3dani44951.0M1997-12-25generic Animation of French Fanzine Logo AMIGAzette - (readme)
AmiGlobe.lha pix/3dani45563.1M1997-12-25generic Raytraced AmiNET Logo Animation (Imagine 4.0) - (readme)
amrave.lha pix/3dani4486434K1997-03-16generic Fli-Logoanim - (readme)
animvid.lha pix/3dani44253.2M1996-09-01generic Imagine anim by the gfx dept of Videotrix - (readme)
Anim_Gazette1.lha pix/3dani4247560K1997-09-04generic Animation of French Fanzine Logo AMIGAzette - (readme)
Anim_Gazette2.lha pix/3dani4154310K1997-09-04generic Animation of French Fanzine Logo AMIGAzette - (readme)
Anim_Gazette3.lha pix/3dani3435224K1997-09-04generic Animation of French Fanzine Logo AMIGAzette - (readme)
Ant.lha pix/3dani3534212K1996-05-01generic 3D ant anim 320x256x8x8 - (readme)
Antanim.lha pix/3dani34781.8M1996-10-23generic LightWave Anim of an Ants walk cycle - (readme)
ApacheANIM.lha pix/3dani35503.4M1997-12-01generic Rendered animation of an APACHE AH-64 - (readme)
Approaching.lha pix/3dani3462316K1996-05-01generic 3D trek anim 352x276x5x138 - (readme)
Asteroidfield.lha pix/3dani3426343K1996-05-01generic 3D space anim 352x220x5x216 - (readme)
Atoms1.lha pix/3dani3375465K1996-05-01generic 3D moving atoms 320x256x8x103 - (readme)
Atoms2.lha pix/3dani3406688K1996-05-01generic 3D moving atoms 320x256x8x300 - (readme)
Atoms4.lha pix/3dani3449162K1996-05-01generic 3D moving atoms 320x256x8x151 - (readme)
Atomtes7.lha pix/3dani3448907K1996-05-01generic 3D moving atoms 320x256x8x200 - (readme)
attack.mpg pix/3dani3281666K1998-08-01generic Space station attak by Colinou (320*256) - (readme)
Attackmode.lha pix/3dani3402173K1996-05-01generic 3D trek anim HAM 352x290x6x48 - (readme)
Ballenave.mpg pix/3dani3228817K1997-12-25generic War Whale 3D (MAMOMO) - (readme)
Big_Eyes.lha pix/3dani34181.1M1997-12-25generic Cartoon like traced anim. - (readme)
Binaryflight.lha pix/3dani340452K1996-05-01generic Wireframe flight anim 352x276x1x20 - (readme)
Birdflight.lha pix/3dani339981K1996-05-01generic Traced trek anim HAM 352x290x6x100 - (readme)
Blob.lha pix/3dani3462424K1996-05-01generic Abstract 3D anim 320x256x8x95 - (readme)
BlueTunnel.lha pix/3dani35426.2M1997-08-15generic Breathtaking gastunnel flight anim. ham8 - (readme)
Boingmachine.lha pix/3dani3448187K1996-05-01generic Traced boing anim HAM 352x220x6x18 - (readme)
Bombard.lha pix/3dani34232.2M1996-07-09generic Im4.0, ship bombards planet, dome explodes - (readme)
Bond.lha pix/3dani3506412K1996-05-01generic 3D car chase anim 320x256x5x130 - (readme)
Bounce2.lha pix/3dani336144K1996-05-01generic Abstract 3D anim 320x200x8x18 - (readme)
Bouncy.lha pix/3dani3397503K1996-05-01generic Abstract trace anim 640x512x8x382 - (readme)
Bthrows.lha pix/3dani3351152K1996-05-01generic Traced basket anim HAM 320x200x6x43 - (readme)
Bulbbash.lha pix/3dani3404871K1996-05-01generic Traced anim HAM 352x440x6x70 - (readme)
Canyon.lha pix/3dani34906.6M1996-05-01generic Canyon flight trace HAM 320x200x6x180 - (readme)
CastroD1.mpg pix/3dani343012M2001-03-01generic The Demo Castro 1 - (readme)
Chemist.lha pix/3dani34733.3M1996-05-01generic Traced machine anim 320x200x8x213 - (readme)
CHH.lha pix/3dani3487102K1996-05-01generic 3D space anim HAM 352x280x6x88 - (readme)
chiottes.lha pix/3dani35162.6M1997-09-01generic Traced 256 color anim of a WComputer. - (readme)
Cityjumper.lha pix/3dani3389170K1996-05-01generic 3D city anim 320x200x4x61 - (readme)
Coaster.lha pix/3dani3387572K1996-05-01generic 3D coaster ride 320x200x8x169 - (readme)
Computerhead.lha pix/3dani3341103K1996-05-01generic Abstract face trace HAM 320x256x6x49 - (readme)
Found 275 matching package(s):
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