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Short:Fixes problem scripts in ARexxGuide2_0*
Author:Robin Evans
Uploader:robin halcyon com
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This patch includes the fixed scripts to replace those that were
included in the 2_0 releases of ARexxGuide. Copy these scripts
to the directory where you stored the original scripts for 2_0.

The 2_0a release includes these fixed scripts along with some
minor changes to the text in several nodes.


I feel a bit like David Letterman after the Madonna interview: I
want to stare into the camera and say "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Unlike that interview, though, there was nothing funny about
what preceded this. The scripts in the two 2_0 releases of
ARexxGuide had a number of problems. The most obvious was a
bonehead mistake in ARx_Setup.rexx: In last-minute modifica-
tions, I moved the line that adds rexxarplib.library to a place
_below_ the first call to a function in that library.

It's very embarrasing, but... there it is.

That's fixed in these scripts along with a few silly looping
mistakes in ARx_Setup.rexx, and some more subtle errors. The
most mysterious had to do with hung processes that were
unpredictable, but reported on several systems. Most of the
problems were associated with the routines that check for the
existence of a library.

The CheckLib() user function that is used in several of these
scripts has the unfortunate side-effect of revealing rogue
libraries -- libraries that are included on the ARexx list, but
don't properly set a return code for ARexx when a function call
cannot be resolved by the library.

Version 34 of "amigaguide.library" is one such rogue library
when used as an ARexx function library. Even in the original 2_0
scripts, it was used only when absolutely necessary and removed
as quickly as possible from the ARexx library list. The new
scripts are even more careful to remove that library from the

Other problematic libraries might be included on some systems,
however, so the new versions of ARx_Setup.rexx and
ARexxGuide.rexx check all libraries and temporarily remove
unfamiliar names. The names are added back before the program
exits, unless it's a name like "rexxsyslib.library" that doesn't
belong on the list.

Because of problems that are still mysterious to me, but are
repeatable when the LibVer() function was used from a script
called asynchronously (with "address AREXX"), that function is
no longer used in ARx_GlossaryPort.rexx.

Version 37.71 of "rexxreqtools.library" is recommended for these
scripts. It is available in the archive "ReqTools22a_User.lha".
Do not use a version less than 37.50.

Contents of util/rexx/ARexxG_20patch.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 7358   20460  36.0% -lh5- 754b Apr  2  1994 ARexxGuide/ARx_IactExamples.rexx
[generic]                 3614   11078  32.6% -lh5- 8138 Apr  2  1994 ARexxGuide/ARx_RarpInfoWin.rexx
[generic]                 6715   20519  32.7% -lh5- b66d Mar 30  1994 ARexxGuide/Editors/ARx_Help.ed
[generic]                 5979   17934  33.3% -lh5- edaa Mar 30  1994 ARexxGuide/Editors/ARx_Help.edge
[generic]                 6221   19155  32.5% -lh5- ad0e Mar 30  1994 ARexxGuide/Editors/ARx_Help.ttx
[generic]                  338     948  35.7% -lh5- 58f6 Mar 23  1994
[generic]                 1373    2827  48.6% -lh5- 0d2a Apr  5  1994 ARexxGuide/ARxG_20patch.readme
[generic]                  716    2075  34.5% -lh5- 25b9 Apr  5  1994 ARexxGuide/
[generic]                 3230    7969  40.5% -lh5- c51d Apr 10  1994 ARexxGuide/ARexxGuide.rexx
[generic]                 8023   23455  34.2% -lh5- 0ada Apr 10  1994 ARexxGuide/ARx_GlossaryPort.rexx
[generic]                 8681   26036  33.3% -lh5- e407 Apr  6  1994 ARexxGuide/ARx_Setup.rexx
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        11 files   52248  152456  34.3%            Apr 11  1994

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