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Short:300 NewIcons! Imagefolders, Docks, lots more.
Author:vedovatt at (Phil Vedovatti)
Uploader:vedovatt u washington edu
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This is the NINTH set of my NewIcon images for your Workbench. These all use
the standard NewIcon palette, so they won't allocate any extra pens from your
Workbench if you are already using NewIcons.  The entire AESicons series is
well over 1000 icons!!!

IMPORTANT!  If you are not running NewIcons, these will only look like little
squares and you won't see any cool icons.  See elsewhere on how to install


Included are nearly 300 new images not found in the original NewIcons archive,
NewIconsXtra sets, or my  previous 8 AESicons archives.

It's been a while since my last set...not because I haven't been productive,

Yes folks, I'm finally getting those image folders out the door.  To the many,
many people who kept asking for folder style drawers...this one's for you.
There are quite a few here, though I'm sure I've missed quite a few popular
ones too....the archive was just getting too big for a single distribution.

In this archive, the imagedrawers are actually...well, DRAWERS.
The image FOLDERS in the archive are merely images, so you don't need to
go digging any further in the folder directories to find the images. If you
see a drawer, it's actually a drawer; if you see a folder, it's just an image.
If you're new to NewIcons, make sure you read the installation section.

One thing about backgrounds.  With the release of NewIcons V3, icon borders
can be removed (WHAT!?  You haven't removed those borders yet?! :)  As a
consequence, the old icons that looked great before sometimes now look not so
good, due to the antialiasing which was designed for a gray background.  Now
that the borders can be removed, dark backgrounds can reveal this antialiasing
on the edges of the images.  One suggestion would be to use lighter color
backgrounds, such that the color of the shadows is darker than the background

I've tried to be careful about trying not to over-antialias the images to
prevent this problem, but nobody's perfect.  Included in this archive are some
disk and blank folder images, with and without the shadow effect, so you can
choose at least some images that look OK on dark backgrounds.

I uploaded a screenshot of my Workbench to Aminet.  If you haven't seen it,
you can check out pix/wb/aeswb.lha if you're interested.

Keep coming with the requests!


If you plan to use these images, you need the NewIcons Package.  It's
available on Aminet (pub/aminet/util/wb/NewIconsV3.lha).  Don't forget to get
the 3.1 update as well in the same directory.  It has some bugfixes.

If you are not running NewIcons, you will only see little squares for the
icons, and this package will be of no use for you.  To install these images,
use the "copynewicon" utility to transfer the images over to the
appropriate icon.  DON'T use the "creatdefaulticon" utility.
That's for creating NewIcon images for files that don't have ".info" files
attached to them. Copynewicon is safe to use on your existing icons, because
it won't mess with your default tool or your tooltypes.  Also, DON'T
just copy the .info file over to your existing programs, because you won't
keep your default tool or tooltypes that way either.  Like the NewIcons
documentation says, think of this collection as a catalog of "images" rather
than icons, from which you copy the image over to your other programs, rather
than replacing the whole icon itself.


Well, NewIcons version 3 is a reality, and it's been well received.  Eric and
I hope you've enjoyed the release.   There's more to come in NIV4 (for one
thing more SPEED!), probably enough to make 32 color icons a very usable
possibility for faster machines.  Whether I'll go to 32 color icons is yet to
be seen.  One possibility would be to keep icons at 16 colors, but go to a 32
color common palette that all icons could draw colors from.  This would keep
resource usage to a minimum, but would make icon development quite a bit
trickier, since each would have its own individual palette makeup (even though
they would draw from the same commmon 32 color palette).  I'd like your
thoughts on this.

Looks like Personal Paint will be adding NewIcon thumbnail support.  We
applaud Cloanto, and the folks at Almathera (Photogenics) for validating
the NewIcons platform with your support.


For you software authors out there, how about putting some NewIcon images in
with your programs?  For those not using NewIcons, they don't see them anyway,
and it saves me the trouble of having to deal with deleting those purple MWB
icons and me having to make new images for your software. You can easily make
them from DPaint IFF brushes.  If you're not an icon artist, send me some
mail, and perhaps I can make something for you.

Regardless of whether you prefer MWB or NewIcon images (or neither!), it's
important to remember that the NewIcons system works with any style of image,
and gives you the benefit of not having to worry about what your palette is
set to in preferences.  The images will auto-remap to the appropriate color.
Personally, I prefer the NewIcons style, but you can use NewIcons to adapt
your icons to any style you like.

Thanks go out to Nicola Salmoria for his great programming work, and Roger
McVey for his talented artistry.  Special thanks to Eric Sauvageau for
taking on the nearly unmanageable task of resurrecting NewIcons from the dead.


This set is freely distributable, and the individual icons may be used or
modified as you please.  If you pass on the package to others, please keep the
archive intact with its documentation.  The authors of the programs for which
these icons were designed have my permission to add them to their program
archives; please let me know if you do.  Email link gives me incentive to keep
this little (?!) series going, so let's hear from you.

These icons were created with DeluxePaint IV AGA, and NewIcon2brush. Final
formatting was done with killoldicon by Michael Barsoom, and my batch NewIcon
processing script, Brush2NewIcon (which I may upload to Aminet someday if I
make it more user friendly).

Feedback is always appreciated.  If you use these icons, and love (or hate)
them, send me some e-mail and let me know.  If you have a particular request
for an icon, I'm usually pretty accommodating.


Snail Mail Address:

Phil Vedovatti
2424 41st Ave. East., #370-F
Seattle, Washington 98112


vedovatt at

I can be found on the EFFnet IRC channel #amiga as Aesculape.

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