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Short:Preview of a New Manga Anim.
Author:aristides castiglioni
Uploader:arisca softhome net (aristides castiglioni)
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Well, this is it. my biggest anim so far, and maybe the biggest 2d anim ever
created. So far it's 18megs in size and it's only completed on a 67%, I made
this preview in order to get some feedback about my anim, as you can imagine it
has been a hell of a job so far and I still have a long way to go. In this anim
there 'll be no still frames just like in my latest one amiga legacy, everything
it's going to be animated.
The anim will run with a special player that it's going to add some extra
effects like scrollings, fades in real time while the anim is running, no limit
for the digitized sound, 256 coulours hires laced, virtually all screen modes
supported, etc. I hope that some gfx card support can be added, but my friend
(the one who is making the program)
doesn't have a gfx card, but we'll try our best to keep it as compatible as
This anim is created with an amiga 1200 with 2 megs only and hd, why i'm doing
such a huge anim on a basic system???, well there are many reasons. the first
one and most important is that i don't have money to buy an expansion :D maybe
you'll think that it's ludricous with the prices so low but keep in mind that I
live in mexico, and pounds are very expensive here, also and must important i
wanted to make this anim as complex as possible 'cause i want to show to all
those p.c. idiots what a real machine is all about, here in my country 98% of
the market is p.c. and many idiots thinks that if you use windows you are a
programmer, well let's said that this one is to show what amigans are all about.
well, gotta go, i need to keep drawing some frames. :D

one final note. If you want to show this screenshots to your friends or you want
to distribute them you can do so. But please let me know and don't make any
alterations, thank you very much for your attention.

aristides castiglioni.

arisc at
arisca at

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