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Short:Maruku soundtracker mod from boing
Author:Maruku Buranu (Mark Brown) mjbrown at
Uploader:gordon1 server uwindsor edu (Chris Gordon)
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A soundtracker mod from the boing/audio/music/st-nt/ directory.

MaruSampleText4  :  mod.Above-Ground

Welcome to yet another MaruSampleText... now aren't you tired of these? :)
Okay, where to start.  How about a few words concerning this mod?  Okay...
This one was a request from the infamous U4IA!  He asked me to butcher one of
his older ones and turn it into one of mine (in so many words :).  I finished
that project about a month ago, actually, and it's been sitting around for
that long... I've tried to contact him to ask what to do with it, but he's
answered about 0 of my 20 letters (not a good ratio...)... I think maybe it's
because he's not getting my mail... bored yet?  Well, great!

Actually, I broke the rules a little; I messed with the samples a bit so
they'd better fit my needs, but I didn't add any new ones.  One thing about
this mod: It's more efficient than any of my others... it SHOULD crunch great
this time if I'm lucky.  Oh, also, IMHO, it's not my best.  But I'm trying!
Right now I'm looking for a used sampler (one that works with Audition4);
anyone out there have one for sale!?!?

Why did I bother uploading it then?  Well, it should get U4IA's attention if
nothing else :).  Also, who knows?  Maybe it'll be the first mod on ab20 this
month (Feb).

Greets?  Okay, let's see...

o  U4IA:  Where are you?
o  Bosco:  WHen will we see the Bob-Meister?
o  Loith:  Haven't talked to you yet...hint-hint :)
o  Any other Megawatts
o  A bunch of people in San Antonio who'll never read this
o  AudioMonster:   (the most various music coder that I know of)
o  Tip & Mantronix:   (excellent works; I wish I had access to original
       samples like those!)
o  Dr.Awesome:   (after hearing Fantastic Voyage, WOW!  Do you have an
       internet address?  Am I thinking about the correct person?
       [Bjorn A. Lynne])
o  Pumpkin Power: How's the 'Chart rough-draft coming?
o  Kenneth Miller: How's the perspective-scrolly coming?
       (appropriate name, eh?)
o  Jason Maskell:  You haven't told me if my E-mail test worked yet...
o  Especially anyone who has E-mailed me, and didn't explain how much they
       hated SteveSpam (though most people liked a change from the usual :)

BTW, if you downloaded this readme file, it may interest you to know that you
can tell ab20 to XCAT a text file and it'll dump its contents... much better
way to do it (to tell it to do that, you have to type QUOTE first, so it'd be
QUOTE XCAT [textfile] ... simple :)
(Hey, some people didn't know that ;)

Okay, that's about it.  I hope you like it.  You might not.  As usual, it's no
describable style, except maybe "Typical mod".  No rave, dance, punk,
whatever... There aren't even any "cosmic" parts in it (there were some in
Testink).  Later!

-Maruku Buranu  (Marc Brown)  mjbrown at

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