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Short:An X11 server for Amiga
Author:dspach at (Denis Spach)
Uploader:polluks sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Requires:OS 3.0+, CPU 020+, any TCP/IP stack
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This is another public release of my attempt to build an X11 server for
Amiga. It is supposed to fix all known bugs from the previous release and
may even have some new features. For details, see changes below.


	email:	dspach at


* main changes in v040

    hopefully, Cybergraphics and/or Mediator users should be able now to
    use the server with almost all features:

	- PiP on Cybergraphics is supported without hardware acceleration
	  but only for rgb16pc pixel formats
	- Window mode on Cybergraphics is supported without hardware
	  acceleration (as on P96)
	- rgb16pc as all other XXXXpc pixel formats are supported also
	  without hardware acceleration, however, some rare complex graphic
	  ops will not be shown correctly (i.e. will display wrong colors).

    this has been tested on a WB3.0 machine with P96 V2 and CGX V42 with the
    latest updates available, graphic card being a PicassoIV.

* main changes in v030

    this release is now fully based on Xfree402 source code


    amiga specific options syntax has changed to avoid options name
    clashes with Xfree one's, this is now

	Xami402 [regularXoptions] -amiga:option1,option2,option3 ...


	- only one version for RTG and OCS/ECS/AGA
	- built-ins fixed fonts and cursors
	- depth support 4/8/15/16/24/32 bits per pixel
	- always use a colormap for depth <= 8
	- hardware cursor is enabled by default
	- work-around for clients using little endian pixmaps
	- may display in a window
	- may display in a PiP window
	- Workbench tooltypes handling has changed, see below


    - WB 3.0 or up
    - 020, 030, 040 or 060 CPU with FPU
    - network subsystem such as AmiTCP, Genesis or Miami

    Supported depth, pixel formats and additionnal requirements:

    * Xami402

	- depth 4 bits for OCS/ECS chipsets
	- depth 4 or 8 bits for AGA chipsets

	when using a graphic card:

	- requires RTG system such as Cybergraphics (V41) or Picasso96 (V2)
	- depth 8, 15, 16, 24, 32 bits
	- window mode requires Picasso96 V2 or CGFX V42
	- PiP window mode requires Picasso96 V2 or CGFX V42r7

some knowledge about X11 is required, since I'm not going to supply it !

no more fonts are provided in this distribution since this release has
some built-ins fonts and cursors. But most clients will require more
fonts, so you may get them from my site, from the Geek Gadgets distribution
at or from any BSD/Linux distribution.
Fonts must be dropped in X11ami:lib/X11/fonts/font-type-dir,
just make sure that fonts.dir and fonts.alias files have the correct
content (see an X font manual for description).

Useful links:

X is a big subject on his own, so you may find some related infos at


Before starting the server, make sure to launch the MakeAssign icon,
since an assign is required for the server to find fonts and bitmaps
at the right place.

To learn the Workbench ToolTypes and/or CLI options, use a CLI and

	X11ami:Xami402 zzz

Almost all the CLI options are the same as the standard X11 servers
found in the Un*x world.

Amiga specific options are:


	turn off graphic acceleration. This will considerably slowdown
	graphics operations such as on screen rectangle fills or
	blittings. However this may in some cases be safer.


	disable hardware cursor emulation


	This is a dangerous option that may crash your machine, you have
	been warned. This will remove the locking/unlocking mechanism
	of the screen or PIP bitmap.


	turn off pixmap endianness work-around


	use native Amiga chipset instead of RTG card


	show X display in a PiP window, you need a graphic card that has
	Picture in Picture capability. Some more restrictions may apply
	for your card, e.g. 8 bits PiP on a 16 bits screen, etc ....
	Consult your P96 or CGFX documentation.


	show X display in a window of the default public screen. The depth
	and the pixel format of the X display will be the same as the public
	screen one's. The public screen depth must be more than 8 bits, that
	is an RTG card is required.


	use that 'mode' screen, the value may be specified in Hex or decimal.
	For a PAL Hires Screen Mode this value is 0x29000.


	set the foreground process priority when the server is running
	(process will go down to priority -1 when iconified)


	set display resolution to X and Y dpi instead of defaults 75


	set pixel format such as rgb15, bgr24, argb32 ...


	use a display size of WIDTH and HEIGHT with a pixel that DEPTH

Workbench usage:

If you want to start the server from Workbench you will have to setup
the icon as a project whose tool is X11ami:Xami402 and provide
tooltypes almost the same way as the CLI options.

if you use from CLI

	Xami402 -amiga:800x600x16 -query pc -fp built-ins,tcp/pc:7100

then do on the icon

	- tool			X11ami:Xami402
	- 1st tooltype		-amiga:800x600x16
	- 2nd tooltype		-query pc
	- 3rd tooltype		-fp built-ins,tcp/pc:7100

in the above example, we use a host named pc (probably a Linux box)
with a display manager (-query pc) and a font server on TCP port 7100,
but built-ins server fonts are first searched

Make sure also to modify the etc/X0.hosts file in order to allow remote
machines to display on your amiga machine.

Here are the settings I use to connect to my pc Linux box from my A4000
with AriadNE2 and PicassoIV cards:

    Xami402 -amiga:nolock,pip,960x720,pixel=rgb16,priority=1
	    :0 -query pc -fp built-ins,tcp/pc:7100 -once


- RAmiga-Q	quit the server
- RAmiga-R	reset the server
- RAmiga-M	send screen or window to back
- RAmiga-H	iconify the server

Known issues:

- only TCP/IP transport is used even with local clients
- does not check if PIP window is greater than screen
- memory fragmentation (huge usage of alloc/free)
- pixel=bgr24 shows wrong colors, as probably some other formats

Please note also:

The following may apply if the nocbpixe option is used.

Some applications running on Little Endian machines (PC's) display
wrong colors on the Amiga server which is a Big Endian machine. For
instance, StarOffice is known for that problem, as are some Window

    THIS IS NOT a bug of Xami !

Contents of misc/x11/Xami.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  256     628  40.8% -lh5- 4e4c Oct  1  2000
[generic]                   10      10 100.0% -lh0- 648e Feb 14  2001 Xami402/etc/X0.hosts
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Feb 14  2001 Xami402/etc/X11/xdm/authdir/.keepme
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Feb 14  2001 Xami402/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi/fonts.alias
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Feb 14  2001 Xami402/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi/fonts.dir
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Feb 14  2001 Xami402/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi/fonts.alias
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Feb 14  2001 Xami402/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi/fonts.dir
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Feb 14  2001 Xami402/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.alias
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Feb 14  2001 Xami402/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.dir
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Feb 14  2001 Xami402/lib/X11/fonts/Speedo/fonts.alias
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Feb 14  2001 Xami402/lib/X11/fonts/Speedo/fonts.dir
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Feb 14  2001 Xami402/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/fonts.alias
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Feb 14  2001 Xami402/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/fonts.dir
[generic]                 4928   17375  28.4% -lh5- 8143 Apr 18  2000 Xami402/lib/X11/rgb.txt
[generic]                   19      19 100.0% -lh0- 6efd Jun 25  2000 Xami402/MakeAssign
[generic]                  742    3070  24.2% -lh5- fd1f Oct  1  2000 Xami402/
[generic]                 2998    6542  45.8% -lh5- 2d1c Mar 19  2001 Xami402/README
[generic]                  746    3074  24.3% -lh5- 3054 Oct  1  2000 Xami402/
[generic]                  935    3303  28.3% -lh5- 9903 Feb 13  2001 Xami402/
[generic]                  934    3301  28.3% -lh5- f5c3 Feb 13  2001 Xami402/
[generic]                  931    3300  28.2% -lh5- dcbf Feb 13  2001 Xami402/
[generic]                  928    3297  28.1% -lh5- 86c0 Feb 13  2001 Xami402/
[generic]                  925    3296  28.1% -lh5- 7d52 Feb 13  2001 Xami402/
[generic]                  948    3315  28.6% -lh5- 7dc8 Feb 13  2001 Xami402/
[generic]                  813    3148  25.8% -lh5- d1c4 Feb 13  2001 Xami402/
[generic]                  747    3079  24.3% -lh5- d08d Feb 13  2001 Xami402/
[generic]               442675  985696  44.9% -lh5- 1b40 Mar 20  2001 Xami402/Xami402
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        27 files  459535 1042453  44.1%            Nov 29  2003

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