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Short:Amiga Rapid Games Helpline expanded
Author:Damir Arh (damir.arh at
Uploader:Damir Arh (damir arh guest arnes si)
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                                   A  R  G  H

                           Amiga Rapid Games Helpline

What's new?
I have introduced two new sections:
COMPATIBILITY - You can't run a certain game with your configuration? Write 
to this section. If there's anyone, who can run it, you'll get his e-mail
address to ask him for advice. The section is meant for problems, but after 
the game is mentioned in it, you should send all your positive or negative
experiences with it that aren't yet mentioned in the section.
CHARTS - This is the section with the charts of your favourite games. 
Everybody should vote once every month for the games he likes to play the 
most at that time. Five games should be mentioned (the first one gets 5 
points, the last one 1 point). In this way two charts are maintained. The 
monthly one and an all times' one.

What was it before?
This webpage offers help to players who got stuck in an Amiga game. They 
have the possibility to send the questions to me, I will publish them on the
web pages (and maybe even answer them) and then the others will have a 
chance (and "obligation") to send the answers to me and I will publish this,
too. The answers will then be available for a month, after that I will put
them in my archive to make room for new ones. You probably now this system 
from different computer magazines, but this way is be much faster if only
YOU are ready to provide questions and answers. REMEMBER: Everybody knows 
something, but all together now everything!
These Questions & Answers are the main part of this pages, but there are two
more sections: Opinions (short notices from those who bought a certain
game and like/dislike it - sort of advice for all would-be buyers) and 
Marketplace (a place for all who would like to buy or sell a certain game -
no pirated stuff, originals only).

When will the new sections start?
They are already up, together with the old ones,
Just visit the following URL:

Don't visit it just once, the changes happen at least once a week if only
there are any new contributions.

It's up to you. Start sending contributions now! Ask everything you always
wanted to know. You certainly got stuck in one game or another. Ask how to
get further or maybe just ask for a password for a certain level, whatever
you like. The questions can be regarding commercial, shareware or even
freeware games, it doesn't matter. But remember, you'll have to cooperate
if you want the pages to be alive, I can't make them work by myself.
You can also already send contributions for the other two sections of the
pages. Everything will be welcome.

How to contact me?
Send all contributions to my e-mail address:

damir.arh at

(please write ARGH! as the first word in the subject if possible)

You can also say, what you think about this idea. Any additional ideas,
comments and critics to ARGH! would also be welcome.

Don't hasitate! I'll publish every contribution I get. And don't worry,
you'll get a personal reply with the www address of ARGH! This address will
also be announced in this place as soon as the pages are online.

Last but not least
Please tell about this to everyone you know. It's necessary that as many
people as possible know about it if we want to have a good helpline. And
also tell them the www address, so that they can find it.

Send your emails now!

Only YOU can make this pages possible!

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