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Short:MUI Internet mailer V2.3 (source code)
Author:yamos-dev at (YAM Open Source Team)
Uploader:laursen myself com (Jacob Laursen)
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YAM is a free, MUI based e-mail package for the Amiga. This version is a
minor update to V2.2, fixing many bugs and adding a few new features.

Due to lack of time and motivation, Marcel Beck (original author of YAM)
gave up development. The sources have been released under the GNU General
Public License, and the project is now being maintained by the YAM Open
Source Team. Visit the YAM Open Source homepage at

                                  IMPORTANT NOTES

To minimize download time, YAM 2.3 is distributed in five different LhA
archives which must be unpacked into the same directory before installation.

YAM23.lha        YAM 2.3 basic installation for 68020 processors or better,
                 includes English manual (download is mandatory)
YAM23cpu.lha     Executables optimized for 68040 and 68060 processors
YAM23mos.lha     MorphOS port (executable only)
YAM23loc.lha     Foreign language support (catalogs and manuals)
YAM23src.lha     Source code


- Amiga computer with an 68020 CPU or higher
- At least 4 MB of RAM
- AmigaOS 2.1 or higher
- MUI 3.8 or higher
- bsdsocket.library compatible TCP/IP software like Miami, AmiTCP, Genesis or
- PGP 2.6.x or 5.x (required only for composing or reading encrypted mail)
- XPK libraries (required only for compressed folders)
- Internet provider who supports POP3 and SMTP services


- Basic functions: read, write, delete, reply, forward or bounce mail
- Four folders for incoming, outgoing, sent and deleted mail plus an unlimited
  number of folders for archived mail
- Folders can be compressed and/or protected with a password
- Support for multiple users. Optionally, addressbooks and other config files
  can be shared
- Searchable address book supporting groups and distribution lists
- Built-in POP3/APOP client to check for mail on startup, on demand or at
  regular time intervals
- Check up to 16 POP3 accounts in a single step
- Message pre-selection: browse message headers before downloading large mails
- Write or reply your messages offline and send them to the mail server using
  the built-in SMTP client
- Extract sender information from message headers and create an address book
  entry with a simple mouseclick; a picture of the sender is automatically
  downloaded and displayed
- Built-in support for UUencode and MIME to send and receive binary files
- Co-operation with web browsers: send mail from your browser, pass an URL to
  a browser
- Handle return receipts and read confirmation
- Support for anonymous remailers and mailing lists
- PGP/MIME support: encrypt and/or sign outgoing messages, check signatures,
  decrypt messages. Works with PGP 2.6 and PGP 5.
- Fast internal editor that offers WYSIWYG textstyles and spell checking
- Search your folders for messages (including full text search in header
  fields or message body)
- Up to 100 filters to automatically process new or sent messages
- Comprehensive ARexx interface that allows other programs to control YAM
- The graphical user interface of YAM (including toolbars and status images)
  is fully user configurable
- YAM runs either on the Workbench screen or on any other custom screen
- Context related online help through help bubbles and AmigaGuide
- Includes catalog files for many different languages
- Easy installation with the Installer
- Much, much more...


Official Website: 
Developer Website 
User Mailing List:
Developer Mailing List:

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