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Short:LAN Chat program - Oratory Amiga - GOOD!
Author:mag_torg at (Magnus Rivertz Torgersen)
Uploader:mag_torg hig no (Magnus Rivertz Torgersen)
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This is probably the best Chat program available for
computers connected on a LAN with other Amiga's or

No server is needed, and you have a lot of the
posibilities that IRC have.

It's only ment for use on LAN'S, and will NOT work
through the internet.

This is the amiga version of
Oratory 98 1.00.26 for win95/98

Nice GUI! ;)

 |-> Computer
 |     An Amiga computer
 |     Amiga OS 3.0 (2.04+ systems may work, but is not tested)
 |     Required: 68020 CPU - Recommended: 68040 CPU
 |     Harddisk required
 |     Connection to a local area network (Usually ethernet)
 |     TCP/IP stack with UDP support (Amitcp/Genesis/Miami)
 |-> Programs
 |     Mui (Aminet: util/libs/mui38usr.lha)
 |     Muirexx V3 (Aminet: dev/mui/MuiRexx_3_0a.lha)
 |     Rexxmast running (Usually started automaticly at bootup)
 |     c:Flashfind (Aminet: util/cli/flashfind1.2.lha
 |     c:copy, c:makedir, c:delete, c:run, c:assign, c:rx (system)
 |-> Libraries
       reqtools.library (Aminet: util/libs/ReqToolsUsr)
       rexxreqtools.library (Included in the reqtools archive)
       rexxtricks.library (Aminet: util/rexx/RexxTricks_386.lha)
       rexxsupport.library (Included in system)
       rmh.library (Aminet: util/rexx/rmh.lha)
       rxsocket.library (Aminet: comm/tcp/rxsocket.lha)

More information

   What is Amitory?

   Amitory is a chat program made for use on a local
   area network (usually ethernet with tcp/ip packets)
   It does not need any servers because all messages
   are sent by UDP to the broadcast address
   It's probably the best chat program for use
   internally on a LAN!

   It's designed for a maximum of 254 users, and it's
   required that all users that are going to chat with
   each other have the same three parts of there IP
   addresses. Netmask should (but not nescessarily (?))
   be (check your tcp/ip stack).

   Static IP is recommended, ore else you will have
   to run the preferences program before starting
   Amitory each time your IP have changed.


   Oratory for PC have existed in some years already,
   but no Amiga version have been made.
   I waited a year for a Linux version to port, but
   the linux port of Amitory didn't progress to fast,
   and was quite buggy.

   Because of this, I decided to make an Amiga
   version of this program, without building it on any
   code of the pc or linux versions.

   I didn't have much experience with coding, but I'd
   made some small tools in arexx earlier.
   That is why I decided to use arexx.

   At first my plan was as simple as just see what
   the other sayd, without any possibility to join or
   to send messages. But after some coding, I found
   out how to expand it. After some days of coding,
   I had a complete Oratory for the Amiga in mind,
   and I called it Amitory.

   I needed a GUI too, and because I do like MUI,
   the choice was simple -MuiRexx to make the GUI

   PS: The Win95/98 version uses 4 Mb of memory, and
       are 1Mb of size! :)


   If you have any questions, please let me know.
   Now in the first steps, I would also like to know
   if you have made it work at all, but that shouldn't
   be a problem -I hope....

   Magnus R Torgersen
   e-mail: mag_torg at
   ICQ: 28307453

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